Posted by: blograsacola | October 6, 2010

Locationary — Earn money by adding data

What is locationary? Locationary is a site that reward people for their contribution to add places and data. How are we get the rewards? It’s simple. We just add places and data to Locationary’s data base. The places that locationary looking for are:

(1) Commercial Places: contact information, description, products and services, coupons and promotions, events, job listings, videos, photos, etc.

(2) Public Places: data on schools, parks, churches, beaches, bike trails, toxic environments, etc.

(3) Residential Places: rooftop geopoints, rental listings, real estate for sale, etc.

Do you know about those information? then go to locationary right away! Don’t waste your knowledge, you’ll get money for that. You didn’t know about those informations? Don’t worry, just search on google queries like: local business list, list of local business, etc. You’ll get the information that you want from sites like yellowpages, etc.

How Locationary rewards you

When you adding places, you’ll get tickets and shares. Tickets are used to join prize bidding, and there are a lot of prizes for everyone. The prizes are range from $0.1 to $25. The $0.1 prize is given every minutes for 24 Hours! Is that not enough? Then bid the $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, or even $25. You got chances to win those prizes, just for adding some data that you know or data that you can find on the net. Easy money? You haven’t heard the best part.

As I said above, Locationary give shares too. What are those shares for? Here is the explanation from Locationary:

Each place has a certain number of shares. (Shares are your exclusive interest to a portion of what that place pays to Locationary.) You collect shares when you’re the first to add a place or update its information. In the future, some of these places will advertise and the people who have shares in the place will receive 50% of what Locationary receives from the place. This means that if Locationary receives $1000, you and the other shareholders will split $500. If you have all of the shares, you’ll get the full $500! If you have 1/2 the shares, you’ll get 1/2 of the $500.

Interesting huh? Then join locationary right away. Don’t just daydreaming of having a lot of money by doing nothing, you have to act!

Just click here [JOIN LOCATIONARY]

my user page on locationary:


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